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We provide the following products and services: chemical raw materials Sales, installation and maintenance of automation equipment, purification equipment, water treatment equipment, mechanical equipment and accessories, electromechanical equipment and accessories, to meet customer needs.
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Zhijing Future Technology has rich experience in international business. We are a high-quality source manufacturer with a large number of patented technologies. Our strength is our ability to develop innovative,efficient and high quality products. Our design and production teams will design and produce what you need for your particular application and guarantee the fit. 20 years of industry experience, a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and service.

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Policy Initiatives Accelerate Advances in Metering Pump Dosing Devices for the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is going through a transformative phase, driven by policy initiatives aimed at promoting the development and adoption of advanced metering pump dosing devices. These policy measures are expected to revolutionize the chemical industry by implementing...

Electroplating Filter

Advances in electroplated filters will transform the surface treatment industry in 2024

The electroplating industry is expected to undergo a major transformation in 2024 with the expected development of advanced electroplating filters. These new filtration technologies promise to revolutionize surface treatment processes by solving key environmental and eff...

  • Characteristics of Stainless Steel Vertical Chemical Pumps