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PP Precision Industrial Chemical Electroplating Filter

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Industries and Applications:

● Automotive
● Construction
● Sanitary
● Plating
● Anodizing
● Metal Finishing
● Labs
● Small Plating Tanks

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Main Features

1. Precision liquid electroplating chemical filter is equipped with self-priming centrifugal pump
2. Flow rate up to 50m³ per hour
3. Liquid precision electroplating chemical filter assembly can be disassembled as a whole
4. Large sludge holding capacity
5. Operation temperaturesup to 70℃
6. Industrial hepa filter system Easy is to operate
7. 33% energy savings


Product Features(1)

1. PP polypropylene electroplating filtration system, equipped with self-priming centrifugal pump, the filtration capacity is 50m³ per hour.
2. This model is a special filter for industry. It adopts new high-precision filter material, which has high-precision filtering effect and brings the best electroplating quality.
3. The filter can save chemical liquid. Assuming that the customer needs to clean the tank once a month, with our filter, it only needs to be cleaned once every two months.
4. Equipped with an oversized dosing barrel, it will not be blocked even if 10kg of toner is added.
5. It only takes 3 minutes to process the toner, and the liquid can be recovered without leakage.
6. Humanized component design, production of all parts by mold opening,100% easy to exchange parts, and can be changed at any time according to different filter materials.

Product Features(2)

1. Safety and no leakage: the main body of the filter is designed in one piece.
2. Using PP/PVDF corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials, corrosion resistant filter can be used for a longer time and the filtration effect is better.
3. A variety of pumps are available: corrosion-resistant self-priming pump, corrosion-resistant magnetic pump, etc., which can be configured according to customer needs.
4. High-precision filtration: a variety of filter materials can be selected, which can filter particles above 0.5μm, with higher filtration accuracy and wider filtration area.
5. The independent inner circulation pipe and detection port can effectively stir the filter powder and toner plane force and sample measurement, and can predict the leakage-proof carbon to ensure the quality of precision filtration.
6. Industrial High Efficiency Filtration Plating Systems are used for chemical or water recirculation, PCB plating solution recirculation, conveying acid, alkali acid.


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