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Filter Element Type Precision Electroplating Chemical Filter

Short Description:

1. Integral molding, no leakage.
2. High filtering precision.
3. The filter element is easy to clean, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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1. Integral molding, no leakage.
2. High filtering precision.
3. The filter element is easy to clean, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
4. Thickened filter cartridge/compression resistance can be increased to 2 times.Our electroplating filter uses a thickened filter cartridge made of PP material, which is not only made of good material and corrosion-resistant; but also the wall of the filter barrel is thicker, and the pressure resistance of the same type of electroplating filter has increased by 1-2 kg. There is no need to worry about damaging the filter due to pressure difference when using our electroplating filter.
5. One-piece filter cartridge.The filter cartridge and the bottom cover of our electroplating filter adopt an integrated design, which eliminates the traditional large-area welding process. The electroplating filter has fewer welding points and no leakage, so that users can use it more at ease.

Filter Element Type Precision Electroplating Chemical Filter

Selection Basis

(1) Select pump or filter material according to liquid composition, concentration and temperature
PVDF applicable conditions: can withstand high temperature of 95 degrees, resistant to strong acid (high temperature chemical nickel, hexavalent chromium). FRPP applicable conditions: can withstand high temperature of 70 degrees, and resist general acid and alkali.
(2) Select the appropriate type of pump or filter according to customer requirements and applicable occasions
(3) Select the pump according to the head and flow requirements; select the filter machine according to the size of the cylinder tank and the number of cycles ((filter volume = tank capacity * cycle times/hour) Example: the tank is 1M long, 0.7M wide, and 1.2M high. The number of cycles is 5-8 times per hour, and the number of cycles of alkalinity is relatively larger.

Wide Range of Applications

For transportation process, electroplating, chemical industry, dyeing, waste water, waste gas treatment, etc.

Filter Element Type Precision Electroplating Chemical Filter

No Leakage

High temperature resistant
Acid and alkali resistance
High efficiency, easy operation, easy cleaning, high filtration precision
The main barrel is made of PP material and is integrally formed without leakage. A variety of filter elements can be replaced, and can filter impurities from 0.5UM to 100UM, with a wide filtration area

Retaining Ring Set

The retaining ring set is made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable.

Standard Pump

The pump can choose PP/PVDF self-priming pump or magnetic pump, which is resistant to acid, alkali and high temperature. It adopts an all-copper motor and has a long service life.

Various Filter Media Are Available

Customers can choose different filter elements and materials according to their needs.


Protection Switch

The power switch of our electroplating filter adopts an anti-overload switch that will automatically trip when there is a lack of phase. The switch not only prolongs the service life by more than 3 times than ordinary power switches, but also has high automatic tripping sensitivity.

Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge equipped with our electroplating filter is an excellent diaphragm pressure gauge currently on the market. Diaphragm pressure gauges not only have better stability than ordinary filter pressure gauges, but also have a longer service life; they can prevent liquid medicine leakage, unlike ordinary pressure gauges that are prone to liquid medicine leakage.

Electromagnetic Switch

The original electromagnetic protection switch is corrosion-resistant, preventing the infiltration of liquid medicine,which has strong sealing performance, long service life, and is easy to operate.



1.Retaining ring set
2.Pressure gauge set
3.Exhaust valve set
4.Thick main cylinder
5.Drain valve parts
6.Dosing tank set
8.Rack bottom plate
9.Upper cover
10.O-ring on upper cover
11.Filter element lock nut
12.Wire wound filter element
13.Pad under filter element
14.Cartridge tube
15.Filter material set
16.Electromagnetic switch
17.Export parts
18.Circulation pipeline
19.Motor cover


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