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  • Small Plating Tanks

    Small Plating Tanks

    The electroplating tank is used to install the solution for zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, gold plating, etc. The cathode moving electroplating tank is composed of a steel tank lined with soft polyvinyl chloride plastic, a conductive device, a steam heatin...
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  • Labs


    In the laboratory, systems and chemical pumps used in critical processes need to be safe and reliable. The fluids used in these processes are not only often very expensive, but also harmful to the environment. Fluids may include water, solvents, chemicals and acids, depe...
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  • Metal Finishing

    Metal Finishing

    Metal surface treatment is to improve surface corrosion resistance and wear resistance, slow down, eliminate and repair material surface changes and damage; make ordinary materials obtain surfaces with special functions. Common surface treatment processes include sprayin...
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  • Anodizing


    Anodizing is a kind of electrolytic passivation treatment, which is used to increase the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Generally, aluminum alloys are easy to oxidize. Although the oxide layer has a certain passivation effect, the result of l...
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  • Plating/ Electroplating Industry

    Plating/ Electroplating Industry

    The electroplating process includes filtering the chemicals and circulating them through a tube. The anodizing process includes circulating dyes and sealants. Both processes include acid surface treatment and transfer of chemicals from drums to tanks. Chemical resistant ...
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  • Photovoltaic Industry

    Photovoltaic Industry

    In the photovoltaic industry, the solar cell wafer is the key component, and the wafer process involves several steps, among which the surface velvet and pickling, etching and other steps are more critical. Cleaning is mainly the use of NaOH, HF, HCL and other chemical s...
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  • Circulation of Spent Pickling Solutions

    Circulation of Spent Pickling Solutions

    Pickling is a necessary process in many metal processing industries, such as wire rod, steel plate, pipe processing industry, screw and nut manufacturing and processing industry, stainless steel plate processing industry, coating industry, etc., all use pickling to remov...
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  • Recirculation/ Filtration

    Recirculation/ Filtration

    The machine sequentially immerses pump bases, motor bases, flanges and other components in a series of chemical or water baths for surface preparation and rinsing. They proceed to a bath that coats the components with a layer of paint electrostatically. This is called ca...
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  • PCB Industry

    PCB Industry

    The slightest defect in the PCB industry can be costly. The PCB industry typically uses processes such as etching, stripping, cleaning, and surface preparation from the PCB industry. The media often uses acid or alkali fluids with strong corrosive properties,and manufact...
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  • Industrial Water Treatment/ Wastewater Treatment

    Industrial Water Treatment/ Wastewater Treatment

    The wastewater treatment process varies slightly from industry to industry and can be broadly divided into physical sedimentation, chemical and biological methods. Regardless of that method, all of them will be in contact with chemical solutions, and the corrosiveness of...
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