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Self-priming magnetic pump series

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The self-priming magnetic-drive pump uses a static seal instead of the dynamic seal, so that the pump's flow-passing parts are in a fully sealed state, completely solving the problem of liquid leakage that cannot be avoided with the mechanical seals of other pumps.

The pump body and flow parts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, PTFE and other materials.

It not only has the function of CQ type magnetic drive pump, but also integrates self-priming, and does not need bottom valve and irrigation water.

The self-priming height can reach 4 meters.

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ZCQ 32 -25 -145 P B
Self-priming magnetic drive pump Inlet diameter of pump(mm) Onlet diameter of pump(mm) Diameter of impeller(mm) Stainless steel Explosion-proof/Flameproof

The pump is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, small in size, low in noise, reliable in operation, convenient in use and maintenance.

Self-priming magnetic pump series

Note: 0.37KW and above can be equipped with explosion-proof motors, and the materials of the over-current parts are 304, 304L, 316, 316L.

When the system is running, the pressure is not greater than 0.6MPa, the viscosity is not greater than 30X10°m²/s, and the liquid does not contain iron and hard solid particles.


1. It is suitable for electroplating, surface treatment, metal finishing, PCB etching equipment, environmental protection pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, semiconductors, cleaning equipment and other fields.
2. The main function is to filter the chemical solution and remove the insoluble particle impurities in the solution.
3. Depending on the filtration process and precision, different pumps and filter elements can be used to achieve a finer filtration effect.

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